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Neville is an accomplished creative with nearly four decades of experience spanning interiors, branding, and architectural design. His vast knowledge comes from having worked with leading agencies and international blue-chip clients from Europe and the UAE to Australasia and through-out Africa.


He has worked on a vast range of projects including low-cost housing and designing laboratories for the British M.O.D. He has created award-winning concepts for major retail chains around the globe, as well as hotels and casinos. He was also involved in the design of the world’s first 7 -star Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This has led to him achieving numerous international awards for his work.


Neville strongly believes in following process; everything should begin with a clear and concise understanding of the challenge and that the best ideas grow from hand sketches and rough mock-ups.


The unfortunate side of Neville’s creative success is that it has deprived the world of a football icon. It’s a cross he bears!

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